About CUEG

What is the Credit Union Economics Group (CUEG)?

A non-political, not-for-profit, and non-funded group of credit union officials with economics and/or financial backgrounds who share a joint interest in providing credit unions with a strategic view on the economy and in the area of consumer financial services.The proposed group will consist of individuals who work with credit union specific issues on a daily basis and are familiar with planning challenges facing credit unions.

Who can join CUEG?

Membership is open to anyone from the credit union community with the appropriate interest and background. We’d like to have representation from all regions of the country to improve the quality of the Regional Reports. If you’d like to become a member, please email us your contact information.

What is the purpose of CUEG?

The purpose is to provide an overall consensus economic picture with details on regional activity to help credit union leadership with their strategic planning. The group will also provide a credit union perspective on regional economic trends by exchanging information with the NCUA, the Federal Reserve Board and the various Federal Reserve District Banks.

Why was this group formed?

Economic information is provided to credit unions on a very broad perspective and is usually released to those that can afford the information.Smaller credit unions need the same timely information and some consensus forecast should be available to them as well. The Federal Reserve needs to know credit union anecdotal information on a timely basis. The credit union perspective is unique because Federal Reserve staff members do not have ready access to this information and credit unions have a strong relationship to the nationís consumers.

What is the schedule for group meetings?

CUEG group meets once a year at the NAFCU Annual Conference. The group also meets once a year at one of the Federal Reserve Regional Banks. This year we met with President Bullard at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Questions or comments about CUEG? Are you interested in joining us? Please email us!

CUEG intends to provide the credit union community as well as the general public with a biannual report discussing both current macroeconomic conditions as well as credit union-specific financial activity in each of the five NCUA regions. 
Regional Report
One of the foremost purposes for CUEG is to provide a broad perspective on a variety of macroeconomic and credit union growth trends. A consensus forecast on the U.S. economic landscape is provided to the public free of charge.  
Economic Forecast
Through detailed planning sessions among the membership, the issuance of press releases on all current work products, and meetings with the Federal Reserve Board, CUEG intends to remain quite active throughout the calendar year.